Glad you've both landed on your feet. And yes, my English simply skyrocketed when I was dating him. they did that with me. but she denied to stay until December cuz she had a boyfriend and she's just broken up with him and i want to try sth with her but i dont know cuz her father has a lot of power even she is scared and she was suppossed to marry her exbroyfriend and dont know ?? His family is from Beirut, they're all Muslim and when we were just friends I noticed how conservative his mom was. Anyway, I loved the story! Love as a noun is hobb while Bahib means I love in action. Cinnamon 17. ). And it is quite surprising that the traditions and social expectations are so hard not only on women but as well on men. To hell with that! this only happens with the blind dates. That is expected. But i wish i can get some help from you, I am in the same boat like this poor girl who loved you. But on the other hand , Egyptian Youth don't get the chance to provide all the things needed for marriage , like the apartment and the gold etc. For the most part, these all mean something along the lines of "sweetie . they only care about making the most of the marriage deal by asking for money , gold , car , apartment etc. :). I feel very proud that we stuck things through and did things our way. My name is Hassan and my email is I have always imagined this expression as someone melting in someone else. Most terms of endearment in English are generally based on some themes. Mate 13. Egyptians are not that bad besidesI feel u talk about something happened ages ago We are now became modern in a way that superficial things doesn't matter. They expected him to sit with my father and have "that talk" about his future intentions. To every rule there are exceptions, but these are not as rare as most apparently believe! It seems to me that the best solution to this would be to say that those who are trying to follow their faith in a very intent manner and want their children to be brought up in the faith and so on, well then they should marry fellow Muslims because thats the way of insuring that their children would be brought up in the faith; they wouldnt be confused between this religion and that religion in the same household. Her entire family tree (at least the last century) has been based in Egypt, so their social and political outlooks completely destroyed this engrained dichotomy that there is such a thing as a "western" perspective and a "middle eastern" perspective. It is permissible for the wife to maintain her Christian or Jewish faith even after marriage, however, because her Muslim husband has an acceptance and love for prophets Issa and Musa, peace be upon them, and the traditions of Christianity and Judaism. at the end it was nice to read this exprience :), I totally feel you man ! This is an interesting one and can give you an idea about how the concept of beauty is understood in Arabic even when it comes to the same exact word describing a man or a woman. Self explanatory. No matter how you spell it, "Grammy" is a popular term of endearment for American grandmothers. Bunga (Boong-ah) / Flower. There's definitely more to language than just the dictionary definitions of the words! u absolutely say facts about middle east but I you do not tell us about the reason for each of them and you can success and get married. I have this list of "My dearest Heart," "Dearest Mine," "my love," "my dear," "my darling," "my pet" that I need to quote in my academic paper (the Japanese author is listing possible pet names [1] that his Japanese friend could use to speak with his new wife plus the ones he himself uses for his fiance), but when I tried looking up Japanese translations for them, I only found a few . I thought that when I move here in California that my family would learn to be liberal and open minded but that didnt happen; instead they arrange for me to get married right after I moved to California. Happened to me and you and could possibly to anyone 99%. In what sense can we then expect the children to be brought up on the faith? and by the way not all the familes says no dating before engagements . Sed: A festival of rejuvenation that renewed the powers of a pharaoh, it was usually but not always held in their 30th year of rule. He has written something in Arabic to an Egyptian friend of mine that might shed some light on what happened. He actually did not want me to move to America and asked me if I could live in Algeria with him. Schatz (treasure) You don't have to go to the end of the rainbow to find it, because "Schatz" is by far the most common German term of endearment. this is normal in Egypt. I hate the fact we can not have privacy except in the bathroom, even i think we cant have it in the bathroom nowadays :D. About the materialism , I believe that it depends on the families and their background, even though its major in Egypt but I personally do not have this in my family, my dad was telling us (me and my sisters) We are buying a man so we don't care about how much he will pay for u or get u as a gift for marriage! Russian Terms of Endearment Kotyonok "Kitten." Zaika/zaichik "Bunny." Seems like every language besides mine uses this one. Perhaps I was young enough, not knowing what will expect me etc.. but I lived a wonderful years and have two fantastic children, who live inbetween the borders of Italy and Germany. Finish Trenton Charlson's puzzle, enjoy some warm fuzzies. EGYPTIAN AND PROUD ! Does this sort of thing happen much out there especially with this dynamic and age gap? However, I was very immersed in Egyptian culture, as my parents did their best to make sure my siblings and I had similar religious and cultural upbringing to what we would have had in Egypt. Or perhaps a prospect . I'm from the southern region of the US and up until recently, had never left the US at all; I grew up in one state and went to university in that same state -- this is where I met my wife. Im talking about the language of the streets. See, I actually moved in with her family for a while when I lived in Egypt so I was with her and her family every single day from the minute I woke up till I went to bed. family is number 1 in middle east not the money and all what you mentioned in your story because her family want to be sure that the new family will not fail.every new project need money and a good people who you trust if you really care about the future.poor people and rich people get married nothing is related to how much you have its about how u are smart to manage yourself and take the responsibility of take are of your new are already have my email feed me back if u like.till then good bye and good luck. We are ultimately united under the promise of utmost care for one another. March is Steering Committee election season! No, this is not similar to Hubby but just from reading the previous example we have Hob meaning love and then i for the possessive. It was a beautiful love story too by the way.. I am an Egyptian woman who is happily married to a European (7 other women in my extended family are also happily married to westerners). 10 month later I was married to this Egyptian man that I barely knew. He can always fly back and see them whenever he wants, but I am sacrificing everything! Thanks for sharing. We dont have common thoughts. Hola mi beb. If you expect people should accept and respect your views whatever it is, so I think you should be ready to give the same. For me is enough to look in her eyes to know why. To be completely frank and upfront, I spent most of my high school years in love with traditional cultures, Native American traditions, Eastern ideas, Indian raga music, aspects of Hinduism, and the Grateful Dead = so you can draw your conclusions from there. a girl that ill raise your kids ..manage your life and will be your support all the life. I spoke English and my boyfriend didn't have even one word of Arabic. First reason is that she is 10 years younger than me (she is 25) we are really good friends and talk everyday even take lunch together everyday and I have given her some gifts like on Christmas I give her chocolate all the time and all but do u guys think if there's lot of age difference it will work? And it's a bless that I got a chance to be with him. Sit on a chair with the picture in front of you on the table. But we were in love and it all worked out just fine in the end.We are no longer together, but we remain friends. My boyfriend is Brazilian, but speaks good English, so my Portuguese hasn't improved as much as it might have. We used to playfully argue with each other about who loved who the most while trying to find bigger things to compare our love to (yeah I know its lame, right!). All we wanted was reassurance that they love each other I apologize to you for what happened to you here, but not all of us so, I love Egypt and generally I found Egyptians nice and friendly. I think you're very lucky that you fell in love with a Christian girl. Duck Australian Terms of Endearment 12. Even families are treating their daughters as a good or something for sale, they wanna make the most money out of their daughter's marriage. As Ive already said above, men are judged quite harshly on what they own and what their status is. Lesson learned: Some people are indeed exploitative but dont let suspicions ruin your relationship. Finally!!!! The moon is often used as a symbol of beauty. My advise to anyone egyptian or non egyptian stay away from marrying an egyptian girl Get someone who love u for who u r not for how much u got. you hide the girls faces in the picture [and i respect that] , but when i shared your blog in Facebook it got the image with the faces , you must be having the original image embedded here somewhere, too bad u had such in experience but it's not really the way it is all the time. Egyptians do not like to be called Arab, and rightly so. Advertisement Zhizn Moya ( ) This phrase translates to my life. And few of them have a happy ending. Hallo, Pooh, you're just in time for a little smackerel of something. Share it in the comments section below! They just looked at me for a second and then said, "it doesn't matter if we want to or not We have to marry a Muslim guy.". When you didn't post anything that week I just assumed that you'd already found something or changed your mind. dear friend i'm a girl from Egypt - Alexandria first sorry about that but you must know not all family's like this in our country You fell victim's family loves money There are a lot of families dont think in a civilized but not all families My brother is married from Romania and his wife work here in Egypt, in the opera, they very happy in life here We dont interfere in their private lives never she is also not a Muslim she's a Christian my brother Muslim and his wife Christian, but we did not say why marry a Christian! In the Arab culture and old Arabic poetry, the eyes are used as a metaphor for the most precious part of the body and possession. brotherly love) = love in the sense of infatuation (i.e. Being a marine Engineer, I've travelled for a while, studied and lived in the UK, and yes reached the conclusion that we are a very throttled society with no privacy . This is just BRILLIANT! im sure the Australian ladis (mozaz) are much more beautiful , but its love what you gona do . You really get to see for yourself if it's about love and commitment orlust.
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