Itll be a lot of fun for students. Alternative sports like these can attract less-athletic types who might be up for trying something new and sports lovers who thrive on competition. Comedy nights are always a lot of fun, and theyre perfect for students who love to laugh. This will encourage even absolute beginners to show up and participate! And at some universities, students can obtain degrees entirely through an online course load. Board game nights are always popular, and theyre the perfect way to spend a night in. Set up stations for employers seeking college student applicants. By organizing concerts, you can raise funds by: Charging a fee for participation Raising funds through ticketing Selling merchandise In the current scenario of a pandemic, such events can be a health hazard. Your campus is bound to have plenty of resources and good will to make your next event a smashing success all you need then is the right event idea to get started! A balloon drop is always a lot of fun, and its perfect for students who are looking for a little excitement. Provide the supplies, background music, instructions, and refreshments, and let crafty students get to work on building something that will make their dorm feel like a home. Include displays of falconry or blacksmithing to set the mood. You could either partner with a local meditation organization or have your own class. El Cajon, CA 92020, Custom Frosted Glass Decals & Etched Glass Window Film, Digital & Graphic Design Trends of 2021 [Infographic], The Digital & Graphic Design Trends of 2020 [Infographic], 8 Gripping & Versatile Experiential Marketing Concepts [Infographic], 9 Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas [Infographic]. Local businesses can set up tables and sell themed goods. Bring together a group of successful and innovative women to discuss embracing equity in all . Volunteer virtually. 53 Fun College Event Ideas Students Will Love and Share. Have participants dress in themed costumes for extra fun, or make it a fundraiser with pledges for laps completed. Teach students how to do their taxes. More and more universities are offering online classes to attract students from distant geographic regions. Provide support for students who find themselves outside of their social, political, or economic comfort zones. Have participants dress in themed costumes for extra fun, or make it a fundraiser with pledges for laps completed. Murder mystery nights are always a lot of fun, and theyre perfect for a night out. , check out these fun event ideas for college students. By challenging students, promoting debate, and provoking conversations, colleges can better connect with their students. Chinese New Year typically culminates in a lantern festival, with candles and lanterns lighting up homes and gardens or in this case, campus spaces. The Program Manager III position will lead Transportation Demand Management planning, parking enterprise, programming, contract management for the Austin Transportation Department. Kristu Jayanti College. We follow the high principles . Lay down some green felt across your tabletops and use chips instead of coins for a more authentic experience. Invite HR directors from local employers to provide insight on ways students can meet other professional expectations, like dressing for the office, writing effective emails, and public speaking. x = independently organized TED event. 80 College Event Ideas on Campus (Updated 2021) The great thing about a rap battle is how little equipment is needed bring a beatbox and a microphone and youre practically set! Get inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, or Etsy for the latest crafting trends. After a countdown, encourage students to scream as loud as they can and release their stress together. Weve all heard of bar crawls, right? So bring in an IT pro to show off the tips and tricks to help new employees prove their worth. Invite artists, activists, and entrepreneurs. Coax students out of the library and their dorm rooms with the promise of snacks, games, and good company. Not all students are sports fans, but most students are fans of fun and are looking to take in interesting and new experiences. Hit up a student fitness-buff to lead an all-levels workout class in an open space on campus. The series might include a trivia night, in which student teams answer questions about sexuality and health statistics, free STD and HIV testing, expert-led panel discussions about sexual health and empowerment, and a raffle to win toys or other goodies. 2) Locally owned, independent retail stores or restaurants (rather than chains) are often more willing to donate gift cards. Broadway Plays. If your campus has a fall festival, take advantage of it! A poker tournament doesnt have to involve gambling instead, let the winnings benefit a particular charity or cause. Host an industry networking event thats an open invitation to anyone who works or wants to work in a particular industry. Shooting and editing short films has never been easier. Trivia nights are always popular and they are a great way to get students engaged. Science fairs are a throwback to elementary school. A flash mob is always a lot of fun, and its perfect for students who love to dance. Students who enjoy the outdoors, botany, or conservation will appreciate horticulture tours that showcase the unique biology of their college town. But to draw interest, you'll need to look beyond formal talks and job fairs. There are so many great event ideas that you can try out at your college campus! Ask your universitys alum relations department for contact information. The Olympic games are always a lot of fun, and theyre perfect for students who love to compete. Whether connecting people face-to-face or virtually, hosting poetry readings, mariachi lessons, or concerts, youve got a lot on your plate. Include a petting zoo with goats, sheep, and other barnyard animals. A docent or other expert could lead these for a more educational experience. College students are working to evolve into full-on adults, so host fun classes that will teach them applicable skills. You could either go to a local bowling alley or have a bowling tournament. Paint a mural is always a lot of fun, and its perfect for students who want to get creative. But that doesnt mean your event cant be inspiring or rewarding in other ways, right? Be sure to have lots of food and drinks for students to enjoy. Organize a community-wide donation drive. Glendale Community College student-entrepreneurs win awards for Even more, participating in civic engagement activities can help you advocate for your community and make it a better place to live. Event ideas for college organizations jobs - Freelancer It can be free-form, where everyone drums to their own beat, or the circle might be led by a conductor who offers direction and encourages everyone to participate. A music festival might center the main stage in a field. You might even connect with students worldwide who speak your clubs language natively. Trivia nights a classic test of useless (and sometimes useful!) Just be sure to clear your calendar wargaming classics like Squad Leader and Warhammer can take place over days or weeks. Invite students to gather at a specific time and place to let out their frustrations together. Industry-Specific Conference or Training. Invite popular indie rock bands and hip-hop artists, and coordinate with the university art department about showcasing student works. 2. Set up podiums for your teams of debaters, preferably where an audience can view them and present a question for debate. University life is about fun and learning, and what better way to help that mission than with community events that give back? If you want to get more creative, consider hosting a Campus Scream right in the middle of final exams when tensions are highest. Host a charity auction and have students bid on various items. Host a fundraiser with a casino theme including card games, roulette wheels, and slot machines but make sure to comply with local gambling regulations. Encourage students to shop their peers closets and for a good cause! Cheer teams, dance squads, and pageant contestants are some of the first that comes to mind, but it is also a great idea for women's shelters. Think Amazing Race, but without the multi-million-dollar broadcast network budget. Manystudents struggle with food insecurity and would greatly benefit from access to healthy, affordable ingredients. Just be sure students stick around afterward to help clean up! Quick Links Throw CompetitionsAdd Some FunRun WorkshopsHost CharitiesGive MentoringFood! When starting out in a career, you want to get to know as many people as possible who share your interests, passions, and responsibilities. Performing artists love to gain college fans, and college rock (think R.E.M. You could partner with a local charity or organization. College students love free food and they love brunch! Learning doesnt only take place inside the classroom. Diagram events, wow attendees, and win clients with free planning tools. Refer to our Privacy Policy or contact us at for more details. Teach students about the importance of public service, civic duty, and empower them to take an active role in their community. 14 College Event Ideas Students Will Actually Attend, classes that will teach them applicable skills, study from the American College Health Association, Create groups and promote events on Facebook, four tips to help university event planners succeed, The Complete Guide to Early Bird Registration for Events, Before, During, and After: The Complete Guide to Event Engagement . But who could possibly have a problem with baby photos? It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. Throw a graduation party for all of the students who will be graduating. Set up a night of drinks and hors duvres to be sure your mentors are comfortable with their mentees (and vice versa). Either way, be sure to make sure there are plenty of power strips to go around and dont skimp on the snacks and soda either! Organize a behind-the-scenes tour of a popular organization such as an amusement park, casino, or winery. STEP TWO: Adhere to a Budget. Creators who used Boost marketings tools saw 2.5x more listing views*. Certain student organizations such as the newspaper or student council may enjoy collaborating to host the event. Role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons have entertained fantasy fans since the 1970s. You can also set up a bake sale or even hot dog eating contest on the side to gain even more in donations. You could either choose a theme or let students come up with their own ideas. These college event ideas listed below can also help build school spirit and camaraderie among your student body. Reserve space in a common area on campus and invite students to gather to compete in video game competitions. This post may contain affiliate links. Be sure to have a choreographed routine or let students come up with their own. They involve a lot of creativity on the part of the participants and can be adapted perfectly to your event. How to Organize a College Event - Event Planning Guide with Best Ideas Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Capturing such talks on video makes for powerful, potentially viral social media. You could either have your own book club or partner with a local organization. 11 Cool Event Ideas for College Students | StuCred Grab a camera, mic and recorder, and your favorite walking shoes! For instance, clean up a local beach or river, or raise awareness of a topic with a special event where all proceeds go to a cause. Reach out to local farms and vendors to organize a campus farmers market. Amusement parks are always a lot of fun, and students will love the chance to get out and have some fun. You could either create your own hunts or use ones that are already made. Mastering skills like basic auto repair or home maintenance will help students become more independent. Tip:Consider giving attendees a recipe book and dorm-cooking starter kit as a party-favor! A poetry slam puts spoken word performance front and center. Put students taste buds to the test with a hot-plate cook-off campus regulations permitting. Students can perform and listen to live renditions of songs we all know and love as a touching way to say goodbye. Run online contests with enticing prices and take advantage of social media engagement one of the primary communication methods for modern students. , but without the multi-million-dollar broadcast network budget. This makes them an ideal choice for hosting various events, especially outdoor ones that can accommodate kiosks, booths, and large gatherings. to be sure your event marketing strategy gets an A+. With a campus-wide clothing swap, students can clear their dorm rooms of gently used and unworn clothing and maybe even find their new favorite t-shirt. Highlight popular attractions, restaurants, recreation areas, and local monuments. What do you get with you combine English majors with the debate club? Its time to shift your perspective. to promote positive change. Teach students how to knit and make cozy winter clothes. Set up crafting stations in dorm rooms, and gardening fun with desk-sized plants to place in their dorm rooms. Paint nights are always popular, and theyre a great way to get creative. Food drives are always important, and theyre a great way to get students involved. Set it on campus, where the alums might enjoy seeing old sites, or make it a workplace visit or tour for a hands-on experience. Bake sales are a classic fundraiser and they always do well. This is a great way for current students to support their fellow students even if they arent in the same major. Get inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, or Etsy for the latest crafting trends. It might include lute players, herald trumpeters, jousters, jugglers, magicians, jesters, and dancers. Get all the support you want for your events because we know hospitality matters. When youre ready to promote your events, useEventbrite Boost, the all-in-one marketing platform designed for event creators. 20+ college fundraising ideas that help raise funds on campus - CallHub Provide gift cards to the campus bookstore for the winners. Sell coffee for $1 in the libraries during finals and donate the money to a scholarship fund to help more students attend college. But make sure your cooking classes have an enticing theme and plan easy, cheap, and college-student-friendly dishes. 50 Great Collegiate Recruitment Ideas - NAfME Another great way to giveaway prizes is by having a raffle. 30 Community Service Project Ideas for College Students - Students will love trying to solve the mystery. Tip:As part of the event, host an incubation workshop to give students who are interested in entrepreneurship a glimpse into the world of start-up funding. Can you figure out who the murderer is before its too late? They usually focus on imagination and mental abilities, which should be just the thing for a campus full of budding scholars. Credit Union West, a long-standing partner and supporter of this event . Incorporate meaning and purpose into events to appeal to modern students. Invite area critics and choose a panel of judges to pick the winner. Or create an LGBTQ+ mentorship program or event. Step aside, Hollywood more movies by far are produced in India than in the backlots and sound stages of southern California. Lay out a route across campus or around the perimeter, and make sure youve got water and treats like ice cream or fruit cups for finishers. 15 Community Service Ideas for College Students To Consider A picnic is always a great way to spend a day, and its perfect for students who love to eat outside. Help your student body put their best foot forward. Provide students with mobile-friendly content andpromote events on social media. Raise awareness about positive relationship behaviors, safe sex, and healthy intimacy with taboo-busting programming tailored to college-aged students. The best way to boost student engagement is to be creative, innovative, and include student input. Laser tag is always a blast, and students will love the chance to compete against each other. Create a mentorship program that connects students with others who have faced and overcome similar challenges or experiences. College students often set fashion trends for the rest of us and with fads changing frequently, a clothing swap makes for a fun and interactive event. Host a workshop where students can make their own dorm room decor think plant hangers, terrariums, or recycled frames for their art. Good luck! Tip:Depending on the accessibility to nature where your campus is located, you may even be able to offer native plants tours as reoccurring programming! University campuses are often expansive spaces filled with various environments: dormitories and dining halls, quads and stadiums, recreation facilities, and lecture halls. Donating blood is always a good thing to do, and its perfect for college students who want to help out those in need. Choose a theme or activity and watch your registrations fill up. Puzzle hunts are always a lot of fun, and theyre perfect for a day or night out. A free music concert is something most people will enjoy! Make sure yourcomedy show sells out by promoting it on social media. Help current students see the potential that the future holds while they makenetworking connectionsthat could be beneficial after graduation. This will make students eager to buy tickets. A meet-and-greet allows students to make a one-on-one connection. Facilitate a net positive for both campuses and surrounding communities by fostering an online environment where like-minded students can plan fundraisers, soup kitchen outings, and more. You should choose a charity or NGO that work for the cause supporting women or women empowerment. Be sure to provide all of the supplies students will need. Then its just a matter of deciding between seven-card stud or Texas hold em. Event Ideas for College Students - Welcome to! Instead, invite students to bring their tents, sleeping bags, and smores kits to campus for a campout with friends. Live Animal Cams. Pro tip: quality sound equipment can really enhance the experience. An online meet-and-greet can be a great solution if youre looking for virtual business event ideas for college students.
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